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Incredibly Talented

     When I say I had the best experience with Mr. Hawkins as my lawyer. He treated my case very passionately and professionally. Mr. Hawkins has included me in every aspect of my case in which I appreciate very much. Working with Mr. Hawkins has been a great experience. I feel like I have built a great client and lawyer relationship. Before I hired Mr. Hawkins I had a very bad experience with a previous lawyer and I was questioning alot of things that was going on in my case. But when I met Mr. Hawkins and he took over my case it was resolved in less than thirty days. He has been working very hard for me and my family. Thank you Mr. Hawkins for everything you have done and is still doing for me. Your an amazing lawyer and an amazing person. I will always recommend Mr. Hawkins to anyone looking for a lawyer. I don't know where my case would be if it wasn't for you. You Rock Mr. Hawkins!! Erica
– Erica Ragland

Free Consultation

Johnny went above and beyond in helping me navigate the pro per process as well as provide sound strategic advice to resolve an incredibly thorny probate matter. He's a straight shooter who understands the more nuanced aspects of the law, and I highly recommend him to anyone dealing with a complicated legal issue.  

Best lawyer I know

Johnny Hawkins is very professional and is a hard worker for you and your family. He will always do what is best of interest of his clients. He is someone I trust. I am truly thankful for him.

Administrator and entrepreneur

Mr. Hawkins was referred to me by my best friend. Even though my father-in -law was an attorney I felt comfortable with hiring Mr.Hawkins for my Grandfather who is 86 years old returning f25 years later from St.Pete's Beach, Florida. My Grandfather is very set in his ways. Due to the fact that my mother my grandmother got stage 4 Alzheimer's and my Grandfather has never had to be responsible for finances or bills he only role in life was to make money. To our family surprise even though my Grandmother did well at securing their finances she lacked setting up an estate or letting the family know what to do for them if they became ill. Mr. Hawkins was able to guide my grandfather through the right process of what needed to be done to protect my grandmother and his assets. My grandfather felt so comfortable with Mr. Hawkins that he had him set up is the estate and guardianship for my grandmother. My grandfather was so nervous because this was all knew to him my Grandfather felt comfortable and secure with Mr. Hawkins. After the deal was done I was comfortable with Mr. Hawkins that I used him again for an emergency business matter. What I like most about Mr. Hawkins is his timely and prompt service. As long as Mr. Hawkins is practitioners I can assure that he will always represent me and my dealings.
Karen Goreta


     As professionals in the entertainment industry we were all set to go on our first tour opening up for Talib Kweli and Nas during the week, and part of Rock The Bells festival on the weekends. The artist that I was representing in a managerial capacity was Jay Electronica. We decided to buy a van and follow Nas' bus along the tour. Only one problem with our van, it needed a new bumper! I set out to a local junkyard on Schaefer in Detroit to find a bumper to get us all set for our tour. I pull up to the junkyard, and I was immediately attacked by the junkyard dog once I got out of the van, no im not kidding, "The Junkyard Dog", the biggest German Shepherd I had ever seen. Of course I fought him off, but not before I sustained some serious wounds which required a hospital visit and stitches. This incident couldn't have come at a worst time. Because of the injury sustained, it caused me to miss the first couple weeks of the tour! Which meant I would lose some substantial wages. I knew about Johnny Hawkins because of his reputation in the entertainment industry around Detroit, as an executive producer and angel investor. Of course I asked around and his reputation was stellar. I knew I had some type of case and decided to give him a call. After consulting with him I decided to hire him, even though some of the more marketed TV lawyers had reached out to me. I have no idea how they even found me. His honesty, integrity, and knowledge of the law were apparent. So I hired him on our first call. He was victorious in my case and got me PAID properly. His knowledge and understanding of The Law also got my wife PAID, which was amazing, as that was something we never considered was a possibility! My advice for anyone with a problem in his area of expertise is to hire Johnny Hawkins, they don't call him The Warrior Lawyer for nothing. He wins big against the giants! Peace, Johnnie  

The Best Attorney I know

     If you need an attorney that will fight for you then hire Johhny Hawkins. He is empathetic to his client. Mr. Hawkins is also very efficient as my attorney.


     To be honest, I can't say enough GREAT things about Attorney Johnny L. Hawkins! From our very first encounter, I could tell by the Spirit in which HE LISTENED to my story, that HE CARED and he would be ATTENTIVE to my family's needs regarding our legal matter. From that first moment until right now (our case is ongoing), he has delivered on my initial expectations! As the days continue to unfold, he has far exceeded what I initially anticipated that I would get from his representation of our lawsuit. He's VERY ACCOUNTABLE, he's VERY TIMELY with his responses to my calls, texts, and emails, he is a Spiritual man with HIGH INTEGRITY, he's AGGRESSIVE (and demonstrated this excellently during our deposition), he's VERY PROFESSIONAL & SHOWS me and my son the UTMOST RESPECT every time that we need to interact with him regarding our case!!! 🙂 One of my favorite moments, thus far, that REALLY IMPRESSED ME and continued to confirm our WISE CHOICE in PICKing MR. JOHNNY L. HAWKINS as our attorney, was the night that HE DROVE almost an hour from his home, at almost MIDNIGHT, to pickup some original documents from me, prior to our departure for an out of town trip the following morning. I remember thinking, "WOW! This attorney is AMAZING and makes NO EXCUSES to get the job done SUCCESSFULLY!!!" 🙂 We continue to REST PEACEFULLY, as our case progresses, because we know that we have the GREAT REPRESENTATION of Attorney Johnny L. Hawkins on our side. I PRAISE GOD for his UNWAVERING SUPPORT of me and my family. #EXTREMELY GRATEFUL AND SATISFIED CLIENT 🙂

Professionalism Beyond Measure

     Attorney Hawkins exceeded my expectations with resolving my legal matter with efficiency and incomparable professionalism . He’s extremely thorough and ensures that you understand what is taking place with your matter every step of the way. I will forever be grateful for Mr Hawkins. He’s prompt, professional and a Godsend.

Brilliant and humane!

     Analytically quick, logically sound, humanely concerned and immediate availability! Best legal service I’ve ever had. I would consult him on any legal issue because his advice would be invaluable. Plus, his subsequent referral would be of his superb caliber. He is meticulous, thorough and timely; something I needed on very short notice (to him). Wonderful experience!
-Dr. Wanda


     Attorney Hawkins gave me great advice ,clear details on correct paper to file for my case. He took time to listen and fully understand my concerns. I took his advice and everything went well.. Thanks and with much appreciation. MS.NELSON

Great lawyer with a great heart

     When our father died the will he left was contested by a family member. With no money for a lawyer my brother and I were forced to go it alone in court. I called Johnny asking for any advise he could give, he went above and beyond! We spoke multiple times and he gave us key insights into the law around our case and how to behave at trial. Without him I don't think we would be near this prepared for our upcoming court date. It is nice to know there are people who do this job because they genuinely want to help others. Johnny Hawkins is one of those people!
– Joshua

Well with the money

     Recently I was charged for a misdemeanor for failure to yield for a stationary authorized vehicle and I was facing up to 6 points on my license, a 500 dollar fine and 90 days in jail. After I contacted him expecting to him just to get me out of serving jail time and lower my fine, he manage to get rid of my charge completely and I only had to pay the court 115$. He is well worth your money and I suggest that anyone should hire him.
Corey stevenson

Reliable and dependable service

     I had hired a Property Manager over the internet to manage my property across the pond, and unexpected complications arose. The Defendant had taken the advantage of my vulnerable position of being far away to build a strong case against me. Attorney Hawkins assessed my case without charge by listening to me and reviewing all available documentation on hand before he accepted to handle he case. He always expressed the expected outcome during the process and never gave any false hopes. He used his professional ingenuity to bring about a good resolve that reduced costs to a minimum.

Excellent in the initial start of this case

     Excellent in the initial start of this case My former attorney had withdrawn from my auto accident case and I contacted Attorney Hawkins to take over the case. He called me personally reassuring me that he was highly qualified to represent me in this matter making plan to sign on as my attorney. This after many other attorneys refused to take this case. He told what to expect and to be very patient. I am waiting to see the final outcome but expecting great things. Ora

Excellent Attorney!!!

     Excellent Attorney!!! Attorney Hawkins has been representing my family for 10 years. I am impressed with his legal knowledge, honesty, and professionalism. I have always been able to count on him to do exactly what he says he will do. His ability to provide worry- free service gives me a peace of mind, knowing that my case will be handled properly and professionally. I would definitely recommend Attorney Johnny L. Hawkins to anyone who needs legal assistance. Y. Gaines, Redford, MI
Yolanda Gaines

#1 Attorney in America

     #1 Attorney in America I recommend Attorney Hawkins. He is the most professional and thorough attorney I know. And trust me I know a lot of them. It makes a client feel good to know that he takes the same approach with every case , no matter how big the case is. Attorney Hawkins strives for perfection every time and he has not failed me. Attorney Johnny Hawkins is the #1 attorney in America hands down.
Marvin Ligon

One of the best

     One of the best Attorney Hawkins is by far one of the best! He will never steer his clients wrong and always has their best interest at heart. A honest and fair attorney. Would highly recommend to anyone

Mr. James Nelson

     Mr. James Nelson Finally an attorney who gets results, i was able to sleep knowing that i had someone who championed for me. Stress was no longer a concern and a action plan that could be followed, attorney Johnny L. Hawkins was the answer to all my prayers. The transparency i needed and someone whom was well versed in civil litigation as well as other aspects of law. Thanks to attorney Johnny L. Hawkins my family and i have resolve. I cant stress the need for an attorney such as Mr. Johnny L. Hawkins in any ones corner who seeks justice. The professionalism that his firm has shown me is second to none. whatever you do, I suggest you at least call or visit his website and judge for yourself. Thanks Mr. Hawkins for all you've done and God bless!

People's champion !!!

     Mr.Hawkins is simply the best damn attorney the good Lord could send!..Awesome!!!! On a scale of 1-10, 20!!!! Thank U Bro. Hawkins!!!!... What a friend I have in U!!!! My family, friends & anyone who truly needs a "friend!" "Attorney!" I will say this and mean it, Mr. Hawkins is da "Bomb.com!" Thank u again 4 all that u have done 4 my family and I!!!... May The Lord our God, keep u safe & strong, may HE bless u and allow u to be successful in ur endeavors to do HIS WILL!!! Merry Christmas to u & urs! & Happy New Year!!!!;-)

Professional Service Excellent Results

     Attorney Hawkins is a five star professional whose care for me exceeded the required or the norm. He has a work ethic and dedication unmatched by others I have spoken with and interviewed. The manner of confidence and guidance through difficult times helped me to stay focused and relieved from worry and concern regarding the outcome of my legal matters. Attorney J.L. Hawkins is the first name that comes to mind when I refer others for legal counsel. I was introduced to J.L. Hawkins by my Doctor who highly recommended him. I am excited about the reports I get when I hear how he has assisted my friends, family members and clients. I welcome the opportunity to give my Attorney a thumbs up approval.

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